Erlend Apneseth

EA 1 - Erlend Apneseth Trio

Erlend Apneseth is one of Norway’s foremost Hardanger fiddle players and folk musicians. He has released eight albums, received numerous awards, among them “Grappas Debutantpris” and “Gammleng-prisen”, and no less than five nominations for the Norwegian Grammy’s. In 2019 he received the Norwegian Grammy’s award in the Open Cathegory for his album “Salika, Molika”, with Erlend Apneseth Trio and Frode Haltli. The album also received the NOPA-award and was nominated for the Nordic Music Prize. Apneseth has written commissioned works for Kongsberg Jazzfestival, Førdefestivalen and Ultima, and toured extensively in Europe the past years. Since 2021 he has collaborated with the composer Ørjan Matre on new works for Hardanger Fiddle and The Norwegian Chamber Orchestra.

His solo project “Fragmentarium”(2020) received Folkelarmprisen and was praised by critics. Arild R. Andersen (Aftenposten) described it like this: “It’s the traditional music demonstrating its ever lasting relevance, cloaked in the present time’s tasteful approach. Erlend Apneseth makes folk music important again”.

Erlend Apneseth / Joanna Duda (Premiere)
Joanna Duda & Erlend Apneseth
Punkt Festival
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