Huang Ya Nung

Born in 1985 Taipei Taiwan, Hunag Ya-Nung is a multi-discipline artist specializing in graphic design, illustration, photography and video. She’s also a musician playing “Suona”, a traditional Chinese music wind instrument. Possess sensitivity of social awareness, Ya-Nung has dived into art field since graduate school and interested in power relationship between human being and space. Supported by social theories, she has gradually developed her artistic approach: integrating video, sound, body movement and installation in order to research “interaction of people and space” and create dialogue in between. In addition to years of traditional music training, Ya-Nung tends to break the frame and approach fusion, including pop, jazz, latin and even art of noise. She’s trying to dig out possibilities of sounds rather than music and embedding body movement with improvisation performance. With sociology background, researching experience and music talents, Ya-Nung has wide range of interests and likes to take experiments. For her, multidiscipline is just means to achieve the goal. Depend on objective, suitable artistic practice will be used at certain time. Therefore, she will keep approaching and learning more specialties and work with other cross-field artists in the future.

Lai Tsung Yun & Huang Ya Nung – live set
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Sanatorium of Sound 9