Maciej Obara


Maciej Obara – saxophonist, composer and improviser.

In 2012, Obara took part in the “Take Five Europe” project. There he met Norwegian musicians – double bassist Ole Morten Vagan and percussionist Gard Nilssen, which became the beginning of his international quartet, whose lineup was completed by pianist Dominik Wania. Between 2012 and 2015, the band released three albums in the catalog of the Polish label ForTune (“Live at Manggha”, “Komeda”, “Live in Minsk Mazowiecki” feat. Tom Arthurs).

In early 2017, Maciej Obara received an invitation from the world-renowned producer Manfred Eicher to join the ranks of artists affiliated under the ECM Records label. His first album for this prestigious label was called “Unloved,” and this unique collaboration continued with the 2019 recording “Three Crowns” and with the newest 2023 album titled “Frozen Silence.”

The Polish saxophonist collaborates with top Scandinavian musicians as part of the Gard Nilssen’s Supersonic Orchestra. Obara has composed a concerto for saxophone, piano and AUKSO orchestra featuring Dominik Wani orchestrated by Nikola Kolodziejczyk, as well as music for a trio with prominent French bass clarinetist Louis Sclavis for Jazztopad festival. Maciej Obara also collaborated with Tomasz Stanko.

Nowa główna

Maciej Obara / Anja Lauvdal / Ole Morten Vågan / Veslemøy Narvesen (Premiere)
Punkt Festival