Siema Ziemia

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An electro-acoustic quartet drawing energy from collective improvisation.

Siema Ziemia’s music draws freely from genres with electronic roots such as breakbeat, techno, footwork/juke combining them with jazz improvisation and club culture. By experimenting during their live-acts, they push the boundaries of established sound patterns.

They have given concerts all over Poland, including at the Soundrive, Tauron Nowa Muzyka and Warsaw Summer Jazz Days festivals, as well as in venues such as the NFM, the NOSPR or the Mazovian Institute of Culture. In addition, the musicians have collaborated with artists such as Skalpel, EABS, Paulina Przybysz, Kwaśny Deszcz, Łona, oly. and Hania Rani.

Their recording output includes the long-playing album Siema Ziemia and two EP albums: EPA1 and Reworks. The group’s songs can be found on official Spotify playlists: State of Jazz, 21st Century Jazz among artists such as Kamasi Washington and Comet is Coming.

Their latest album Second will be released by UK label Byrd Out in September 2023.

LP –
EPA 1 –
Bells (single) –
Fly (live video) –

Kacper Krupa – saxophones and synthesizers
Fryderyk Szulgit – guitar, synthesizers
Paweł Stachowiak – bass, moog
Andrzej Konieczny – drums, synthesizers
Siema Ziemia
Sokołowsko Jazz meets Punkt Festival