Benedikte Askedalen Quartet

March 16, 2024 -- 20:00
Sokołowsko, Kino Zdrowie, ul.Główna 36

Improvisational vocal and folk, americana and rock, and electronic pop - and all of these by a jazzing trio.

How to Sallie, a name for the project of Benedikte Askedalen Quartet, emerged from the improvisations of producer and keyboardist Ole Petter Ålgård, guitarist Eirik Lindtner and singer/songwriter Benedikte Kløw Askedalen. They met at the University of Agder in Kristiansand, Norway, and started playing together for a commissioned work at the PUNKT Festival in 2021. The goal was to merge the musicians' different backgrounds and genres, allowing room for three distinct personalities in one artistic expression. Benedikte has an experience in working with improvisational vocal and folk music, Eirik in both americana and rock music and Ole Petter in electronic pop music. After the debut concert at PUNKT the trio released their first EP called Staring into the closet, conveying feelings of grief, wonder and indecision in an ethereal blend of indie-pop and electronic music. Improvisation is the foundation on which the three musicians met, and they are now using it as the base for songwriting and recording. The concert prepared for the occasion of Sokołowsko Jazz Festival is a blend of snippets from written material both released and unreleased and improvisations around these. During the concert for the Festival, the trio of Askedalen, Lindtner and Ålgård will perform with the guest appearance of a bass player Olav Hanem.

Olav Hanem
Bass player with a strong love for synth and sonic experiments.
Benedikte Kløw Askedalen (photo_ Mathilde Catriona Bjørnseth)
Benedikte Kløw Askedalen
Recognised by both jazz and pop circles, Benedikte is breaking down barriers.
eirik Lindtner
Eirik Lindtner
Norwegian guitarist sliding to te American isnpirations.
Ole petter ålgård (photo_ Beata Lamauskaite)
Ole Petter Ålgård
This producer's unconventional sound combinations can take you to landscapes of the far, cold North.A keyboardist and a producer with a background from hip-hop
Sokołowsko Jazz meets Punkt Festival 2024
The second edition of Sokołowsko Jazz, in collaboration with Norway's PUNKT, will present stylistically diverse projects.