March 17, 2024 -- 16:00
Sokołowsko, Kino Zdrowie, ul.Główna 36

A project that brings together, as if through a lens, the most important tenets of this international and multi-jazz festival.

Is it possible to remix a concert? Not a song, not a cover, but a live performance by live musicians.

The REMIX project, a speciality of Norwegian musicians and musicians from the PUNKT Festival, is a
a unique manifestation of the musical synergy that underpins the idea of Sokołowsko Jazz. It is a celebration of spontaneity and creativity on the ground of sounds and enjoying them together. It is also proof of the infinite possibilities of music - its transformations and transformations that endlessly fuel further inspirations.

This extraordinary musical experience involves sampling a live concert in real time. The sampling group collects individual rhythms, melodies, timbres - everything that catches their attention in the 'source concert'. Immediately afterwards, this material is presented, of course in processing (e.g. by the chosen DAW or other electronic instruments). This creates an extraordinary situation in which parts of the performance just listened to return and whirl, collaged by the sensibilities of other artists.

During the festival, they will be prepared for the REMIX project by a workshop led by John Derek Bishop (aka Tortus), an American-Norwegian ambient artist and producer, who specialises precisely in live-sampling techniques.

Sokołowsko Jazz meets Punkt Festival 2024
The second edition of Sokołowsko Jazz, in collaboration with Norway's PUNKT, will present stylistically diverse projects.