Maciej Obara / Kit Downes / Ole Morten Vågan / Veslemøy Narvesen

March 17, 2024 -- 18:00
Filharmonia Sudecka, Wałbrzych

A spectacular example of international synergy in jazz.

One of the most spectacular examples of international synergy between diverse styles, a quality for which the Festival is committed. Saxophonist Maciej Obara's quartet is an invitation to a special project that will also include his quartet friend Ole Morten Vågan - one of Europe's most respected and sought-after bassists Kit Downes - a phenomenal pianist and improviser who also plays the organ - and Veslemøy Narvesen - a leading percussionist of the young generation in Norway.

Ole Morten Vågan
An active bassist and bandleader of the Norwegian scene and, moreover, an acclaimed composer.
Kit solo 2
Kit Downes
The musician proves that the organ has its place in both the experimental and jazz scenes.
Maciej Obara
Polish saxophonist inspiring the Norwegian scene and forging its closer links with the Polish jazz community.
Veslemøy Narvesen 23copy
Veslemøy Narvesen
Sokołowsko Jazz meets Punkt Festival 2024
The second edition of Sokołowsko Jazz, in collaboration with Norway's PUNKT, will present stylistically diverse projects.