March 16, 2024 -- 19:00
Sokołowsko, Kino Zdrowie, ul.Główna 36

Kwartet tworzący na bazie kompozycji wokalistki-liderki, wokół których snuje swe porywające improwizacje.

The band consists of Amalia Umeda (violin/vocal), Franciszek Raczkowski (piano),  Michał Aftyka (double bass) and Michał Szeligowski (drums). The group performs compositions written by the leader, but they are merely a canvas for the band's main objective: collective and intuitive improvisation. They were nominated for the Fryderyk Award (Jazz Debut category in 2023) and for the Grand Prix Jazz Melomani Award (2023). The quartet was selected for the first edition of the international Footprints Europe program as a band representing Poland (2021); they also received a special award at the Young Crocus Jazz Contest (2021) and performed at the Jazzahead Showcase in Bremen (2023). The Amalia Umeda Quartet released their debut album Nowoświt on 1.04.2022, co-produced by Polskie Radio Program II, presenting the material on Letnia Akademia Jazzu and Jazztopad Festival, before its publication. As a result of qualifying for the Footprints Europe project, the band embarked on an international tour promoting the album (2022-23). The Nowoświt Tour included concerts at the Oslo Jazzfestival, Umea Jazzfestival, Cologne Jazzweek / NICA Exchange.

Michał Szeligowski
Percussionist, in addition to his collaboration with Umeda, member of, among others, the Przemyslaw Chmiel Quartet
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Michał Aftyka
Double bass player, composer, already successful at university.
Franciszek Raczkowski
Jazz pianist and composer who also leads his own trio.
Amalia Umeda
An improvising violinist, composer and leader who consciously and independently charts her path.
Sokołowsko Jazz meets Punkt Festival 2024
The second edition of Sokołowsko Jazz, in collaboration with Norway's PUNKT, will present stylistically diverse projects.